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Building & Zoning

Mailing address: 4613 Hughesian Drive P.O. Box 413 Buckingham, PA 18912

Our mission is to uphold the integrity of our township's zoning regulations, promoting responsible development that enhances the quality of life for all residents while preserving the character and natural beauty of Buckingham Township. We are committed to providing accessible guidance and support to property owners, developers, and residents, ensuring compliance with zoning ordinances and fostering a harmonious balance between growth and preservation.

Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday 7:30-4pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Telephone & Email Directory

Name Title Telephone
Jim Kettler
Director of Building & Codes (215) 794-8836
Lynn Crawford
Building Dept. Coordinator (215) 794-8836
Richard G. Myers
Zoning Officer (215) 794-8836
Robin Riback
Permit Clerk (215) 794-8836
Building Inspector
Building Inspections (215) 794-8836

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