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Voting Information

Municipal Primary  & General Election Results - are available through the Bucks County Website.

Voting Districts Map

There are seven voting districts within Buckingham Township. To locate the district you are in and where you should vote either view the map below or view the table at the bottom of this page to determine what borders you lie within.

View the Pennsylvania Polling Locator to fill in your address to find your polling location:  

First Time Voting Requirements

View the below document for important information you will need to bring with you!

Voter Registration

The Buckingham Township Administrative Office provides Voters Registration Applications and Absentee Ballot Applications as does the Bucks County Board of Elections located within the Bucks County Courthouse. The Bucks County Board of Elections may be reached at (215) 348-6154 or go to the Bucks County website and search for Board of Elections:

Polls open at 7 A.M. and close at 8 P.M.

Buckingham Township Voting Districts/Voting Locations

District Borders Voting Location
Upper 1 Rte. 313/Rte. 611/Landisville Rd./Burnt House Hill Rd./Church Rd./Church School Rd./Mechanicsville Rd./Route 202.

Covenant Presbyterian Church
4000 Route 202

Upper 2 Burnt House Hill Rd./Hansell Rd./Rte. 413/Landisville Rd./Street Rd./Ash Mill Rd./Ash Rd./Holicong Rd./Paist Rd./Rte. 413/Church Rd.

Central Bucks East High School
Holicong & Anderson Road

Upper 3 Burnt House Hill Rd./Landisville Rd/ Rte. 413/Cold Spring Creamery Rd.

Cold Spring Elementary School
Route 413 just North of Cold Spring Creamery Road

Upper 4 Burnt House Hill Rd./Cold Spring Creamery Rd/ Rte. 413/Hansell Rd.

Cold Spring Elementary School
Route 413 just North of Cold Spring Creamery Road

Middle 1 Rte. 313/Rte. 202/Mechanicsville Rd./Church School Rd./Mill Rd./Rte. 263/Rte. 202/Street Rd./Lower Mtn. Rd./Rte. 413/Upper Mtn. Rd./Forest Grove Rd./Swamp Rd.

Buckingham Township Building (Upstairs)
4613 Hughesian Drive (Rte. 413 & 263)

Middle 2 Mill Rd./Church Rd./Rte. 413/Paist Rd./Holicong Rd./Ash Rd./Ash Mill Rd./Street Rd./Rte. 202/Rte. 263.

Buckingham Township Building (Downstairs)
4613 Hughesian Drive (Rte. 413 & 263)

Lower 1 Sugar Bottom Rd./Edison Furlong Rd./Rte. 263/Swamp Rd./Forest Grove Rd./Upper Mtn. Rd./Rte. 413/Lwr. Mountain Rd./Creek Rd./New Hope Rd./Rte. 413/Township Line Rd.

Forest Grove Church
Forest Grove Rd.

Lower 2 Creek Rd./Lwr. Mountain Rd./Street Road/Ridge Road (both sides)/Rte. 413/New Hope Road.

Village of Buckingham Springs Clubhouse
1490 Durham Road (within the Village of Buckingham Springs)