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Ordinances & Resolutions

Recently Adopted / Enacted Ordinances and Resolutions

In response to several inquiries, we are posting the section from our Zoning Ordinance regarding Retail Stores (also known as the Big Box Ordinance).

Other than the fee schedule which is kept posted year-round, ordinances and resolutions adopted within the past two months will be listed on this page. Please e-mail us if you are interested in receiving a copy of any of the following:

Recent Ordinances & Resolutions 

  • 5/26/22 - Ordinance 2022-01 Amending Ordinance No. 84-02, to Permit the Buckingham Township Standard Specifications for Design and Construction of Water Distribution and Sewage Collection Systems and Appurtenances to be Periodically Updated by Resolution of the Board of Supervisors of Buckingham Township