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Stormwater Management

Any questions and/or concerns regarding stormwater management or TO REPORT DUMPING OR POLLUTION CONCERNS please contact Richard Myers at (215)-794-8836 or email at

Telephone & Email Directory

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Richard G. Myers
Township Watershed Specialist (215) 794-8836

When It Rains, It Drains

When it rains or snows, the water soaks into the ground, evaporates back into the atmosphere or runs off. This runoff, also known as storm water, has some obvious impacts such as flooding and erosion. Some less obvious, but equally important, impacts of stormwater runoff include increased pollution, reduced ground water supplies, and lower stream flows during dry spells.

Traditionally, stormwater has been seen as a nuisance to be collected and dumped into the nearest ditch or stream and disposed of. Unfortunately, such an approach neglects the reality that most of us live or work downstream of someone else. As a result, our neighbor's nuisance becomes our problem, which in turn becomes a problem for our downstream neighbors.

Changes in the way stormwater is to be handled will affect not only Buckingham Township, but also, builders of new residential and commercial developments, renovators of existing structures and anyone who discharges stormwater or any prohibited substance to existing storm sewers or waterways.

New stormwater regulations require Buckingham Township to ensure that stormwater facilities are designed, constructed, maintained and operated properly. In addition the township must identify and eliminate the discharge of any materials other than rainfall, snowmelt or uncontaminated groundwater that may be discharged to the stormwater system.

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