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Building and Zoning FAQ's

How can I schedule my inspections?
Inspections can be scheduled by calling our office at 215-794-8836 or by going online.
Contractor Registration / Homeowner Registration
Either way, inspections must be scheduled by 2:30pm the day prior. Please remember there are no building inspections on WEDNESDAYS.

Do I need a permit to replace or repair a roof?

A building permit is required when structural repairs are made to a residential roof. Replacement of shingles only does not require a permit. All commercial roof repairs or replacements require a permit.

Where can I find the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map?
View the Zoning Ordinance for the Booklet. View the Zoning Map to see the map.

Does Buckingham Township require inspections or new Use & Occupancy permits for existing homes that are being resold?
Buckingham Township does not currently require inspections or new Use & Occupancy permits for existing homes that are being resold. Permits shall be obtained for all construction work in accordance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.

Does the Code Enforcement Department have records for my lot/house?
The Code Enforcement Department maintains a file on each tax parcel within Buckingham Township. Records within the tax parcel file may contain detail such as property deeds, building permits, plot plans, easement detail and correspondence. These files are available to the property owner and may be reviewed during regular business hours.

When should I make final payment to my contractor?
There are many items to consider before making the final payment to your contractor. One key item is completion of the final inspection by the Township. The project is not deemed completed and approved until the Certificate of Occupancy has been issued by the Township.