Paperless Billing

NOTICE: The Water/Sewer Utility Bills are always sent out on time but issues with the post office have caused delays in delivery. 

The 4th quarter water and sewer bills were mailed on 1/15/2021 and were due on 2/16/2021. The second notices were sent out on 2/24/2021. Due to the issues with the delivery of mail, if you did not receive your bill or mailed a payment in, please check with your bank before calling or emailing the office.

You can also view or pay your bill on our website by clicking here (or click on "Pay/View Utility Bills" on our website   Your Utility Account ID and Utility Account PIN are found on your last paper bill. If you have misplaced it, please email us at or call 215-794-8854 and we will help you out!

You may also set up to receive your bill electronically by emailing your name, address and account number to

Of course, you may also drop your payment off (checks only), in the Black Mail Box located along the sidewalk near the parking lot as your approach the township administrative office (if you could please put your payment in an envelope, it would be helpful). 

You also have the option to mail us your payment and any payment postmarked on or before the due date will be considered on time and any penalty assessed will be removed.

Mark your calendar so you don't miss a payment:
Date Mailed            Date Due
January 15                 February 16
April 15                      May 17
July 15                        August 16
October 15                November 15

As always, we thank you for your prompt payment of your Water/Sewer Utility bill!

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