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Facility Rules & Regulations


Buckingham Township Board of Supervisors hereby enact the following Rules and Regulations for the use of Parks and Recreation facilities:

  1. Township parks will be open between dawn and dusk. Evening activities by permission only.
  2. Any Township park or park facility that becomes hazardous for public use due to weather, water, fire or other condition may be closed at the full discretion of Buckingham Township.
  3. Buckingham Township will schedule the use of facilities for groups. When not scheduled, these facilities are available to all park users.
  4. Damaging, destroying, disturbing, or removing of any park property including but not limited to equipment, facilities, and the natural environment is prohibited.
  5. Fires are prohibited.
  6. Operating any vehicle on a park road in a reckless or negligent manner, in excess of posted speed limit, or in such a manner as to become a nuisance to other park users is strictly prohibited. Parking is allowed only in designated areas.
  7. Commercial traffic is prohibited as well as the posting of signs. The distributing, selling, servicing, or renting of any commodity, and soliciting for any purpose is prohibited.
  8. Use or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is prohibited.
  9. All trash, garbage, and litter is to be deposited in the refuse containers provided.
  10. Pets must be on a leash no more than 10 ft. long. All solid waste from pets must be placed in a bag and disposed of properly.
  11. In the interest of safety, bows, golf clubs, fireworks, rockets and glass containers are prohibited except upon prior written approval of the Township.
  12. All motorized vehicles are prohibited except in authorized parking areas.
  13. Camping is prohibited in park areas except upon prior written approval of the Township.

According to Township Ordinance 2002-04 & 2015-01
Subject to fine up to $1,000