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How Do I...?

Volunteer Firefighter

Did you know that our firefighters are ALL VOLUNTEERS? We are fortunate to be served by Midway Volunteer Fire Company, Lingohocken Volunteer Fire Company and Doylestown Volunteer Fire Company.

Who is the Volunteer Firefighter?

  • A teacher, student, businessman, nurse, carpenter, laboratory technician, office worker, a water system operator, a wastewater system operator, a road maintenance engineer.
  • Someone who makes a personal sacrifice of time, blood, sweat, and sometimes tears.
  • Someone performing in a firefighting capacity and not for monetary reward, but purely for the satisfaction of helping others.
  • Someone who wants to make a contribution to his or her community.
  • Someone who is gratified by the simple words: "Thank-you".
  • Someone who enjoys challenges and excitement.
  • Someone who finds social satisfaction in being part of a group of people bound together by a common desire.
  • Someone who is willing to come out in the middle of the coldest night of the year when a home is threatened.
  • Someone who wants to be part of a highly professional organization.
  • Someone to whom a child can look up to as an educator and friend.
  • Someone who wants to be part of nationally recognized system.
  • Someone who inspires others with dedication, selflessness, and dependability.
  • Someone who goes beyond normal daily activities into the realm of serving whenever needed.

The volunteer firefighter could be you!

Why Volunteer? ...Why not?

Support Volunteers

We all have the need to feel important. We want to accomplish certain goals and grow as a person. We need challenge in our lives, excitement in the midst of the daily routine, and a chance to form new and lasting friendships with people who share a common goal. Ask Volunteer Firefighters why they accept the challenge. What was the cornerstone of their decision to become a firefighter? Each one will tell you, in his or her own words, that being a part of a volunteer firefighting company fulfills a basic and personal human need -- the need to contribute a worthwhile endeavor and help others. As firefighters work to fulfill that need to help others, they meet the needs of their community.

Volunteer firefighting provides all those opportunities -- and more. You will enjoy a sense of achievement, increased self respect, community and personal recognition, the rewards that come from helping others, and the opportunity to perfect some skills and learn new ones. You will also have fun doing it. Yes, firefighting is hard work. However, time spent with fellow firefighters is enjoyable and builds a sense of teamwork and accomplishment.

Firefighting is demanding. There are hours of training involved, requirements to be met, standards to uphold, and volunteer firefighters are not compensated in the traditional way. There is no big paycheck or large monetary bonus to work harder.

But there is a payoff. It comes from the pride you will have in yourself and in your organization. It comes from the feeling of friendship and teamwork you will enjoy. You will find it in the heartfelt handshake of a grateful homeowner and see it in a mother's tear of gratitude. You will sense the children's awe as they see the inside of a fire truck and talk to a firefighter. You will feel the pride and the tremendous sense of accomplishment in doing something worthwhile. You will see the smile of the neighbor or friend in your community who congratulates you for being a part of a thriving, valuable, and irreplaceable organization.

Why volunteer? Look inside yourself. If you want to help others, experience the excitement that comes from a job well done, and have pride in yourself and other like you, you'll find the answer.

Volunteer firefighting will never make you monetarily rich. But those who have come before you will tell you that no amount of money is worth the fulfillment of the basic need to be of service to others. There is no price on that. And, as you will tell others who follow you, there is no substitute for it either.

For more information on volunteering with our local firefighting companies, contact:


  • Midway: 215-794-5612
  • Midway Substation:215-230-5560
  • Doylestown: 215-348-2656
  • Lingohocken:215-598-3500
  • Lingohocken Substation: 215-794-9030