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Board of Supervisors Work Session
9/26/2018 6:00 PM

The work session of the Buckingham Township Board of Supervisors was held September 26, 2018 in the Township Building, 4613 Hughesian Drive, Buckingham, Pennsylvania.


Present:           Maggie Rash                           Chairman

                        Paul Calderaio                        Vice-Chairman

                        Jon Forest                               Member

                        Dana Cozza                             Township Manager

                        Dan Gray                                Township Engineer

                        Craig A. Smith, Esquire         Township Solicitor


Not Present:    Tom Kelso                              Township Water/Wastewater Consultant


The work session commenced at 6:00 p.m.


Budget – Building and Codes Department

Mr. Jim Kettler, Director of the Building and Codes Department, and Mrs. Pistory, Director of Finance Department, were present. Mrs. Pistory distributed Building and Codes fund budget spreadsheets.

Mr. Kettler said there were very few changes from the 2018 budget.

Mr. Kettler highlighted the following specific building items:

- “Mill Creek (Smith-Pfeiffer”), Phase 1 and 2 are wrapping up, with the last 6 permits not yet issued.

- “Fenton’s Corner” is under construction, with 6 units sold to date (but no permits applied for at this time).

- One and Two lot residential construction projects cannot be predicted; however, they tend to need a lot of assistance to get through the process.

- Swimming pools and basement fit outs are down, however residential alterations including buildings and porches were up, so it is difficult to predict 2019 statistics.

- Minor tenant fit outs have been busy, with many projects happening in Peddler’s Village.

- Large commercial projects may be underway in 2019, including the Biotechnology Center, Penn’s Purchase and Trinity Church.


Mrs. Cozza said office technology continues to grow, as this year we will be trying out online scheduling of inspections. Mr. Kettler said the electronic plan reviews as discussed during last years budget are now in use.


Mrs. Pistory said the detail sheets are not very different from 2018, adding she does not have the insurance renewal fees yet.


Mrs. Cozza explained that DEP is requiring the township to do a TMDL study with the MS4 permit, and $25,000 is budgeted for that project, which is being done by Knight Engineering, Inc.


Mrs. Cozza said the township continues to research GIS programs, adding that the ones the township currently uses are sufficient for the time being.


Budget – Roads and Facilities


Mr. Nick DeMeno, Roadmaster, and Mrs. Pistory, Director of Finance Department, were present. Mrs. Pistory distributed Roads and Facilities fund budget spreadsheets.


Mrs. Pistory discussed the following items:

- Office sundries went up a little.

- Electricity costs are lowered due to a new contract, as well as replacing lights with LED.

- Building repair and machinery/equipment expenses were lowered. The township building needs exterior wood (which has been damaged by a woodpecker) replaced, perhaps with hardy plank. The bluestone on the patios needs pointing.

- Heating fuel costs were lowered by sealing doors at the maintenance garage.


Mr. DeMeno said the HVAC in the server room of the township building needs to be analyzed/replaced so that it works better.


Mrs. Cozza said that Phase 2 of Holicong Park is budgeted at $827,000 under Capital Improvements.


Mrs. Rash asked how we did with snowplowing last year, and Mrs. Pistory noted it was very high, but compared to other municipalities we did pretty well, even though Buckingham has more road miles. Mr. DeMeno said we do a lot of the work in-house which reduces the cost. He said the previous 2 years we were under budget, but the last two storms early in 2018 were lengthy in time which increased expenses.


Mr. DeMeno said the contracted service for trees was reduced in the 2019 budget.


Mr. DeMeno discussed the following items under Capital Improvements:

- Replace the bucket truck and sell the old one.

- Install the pole barn at the maintenance building yard to share with the police department. Mr. DeMeno said this was shifted from the 2018 budget because he has been looking for the right builder. He explained the 72’x40’ pole barn will be placed beside the salt building, and will be a basic structure that the road crew will floor, with a walled off space for the police department to use for impounded cars and accident investigation.


Mrs. Pistory said the Park and Recreation Fund changes include:

- Increasing the food and recreations to $2,000, plus $300 for an additional movie.


6:45 p.m. Mr. Gray arrived.


Mrs. Pistory continued:

- Landscape consulting fees dropped back; the trail plan was on the 2018 budget.


Mrs. Pistory said the Park Fund will include Phase 2 of Holicong Park Expansion, but the figures were not received in time to insert into the spreadsheet for this meeting. Mr. Gray reported Phase 2 is quoted at $827,000 and will include three additional fields, parking, connecting trails, landscaping, park benches, and other improvements that are required to provide a compliant park. Mr. Gray proposed the township could save money if Phase 2 were able to begin in 2018 versus being bid out separately in 2019. Mrs. Cozza suggested that if the Board desired, the township attorney could research and provide direction on this matter.


Mrs. Pistory said the township has the pavilion structure for Holicong Park at the public works building.


Mrs. Cozza reported that some of the impervious surface at GMB Park needs to be replaced, and that at Hansell Park security lighting needs to be installed in the parking lot and one of the aerator’s in the pond needs to be replaced.


Mr. DeMeno said there will be liquid fuels money left at the end of 2018. Mrs. Pistory reported that the township will receive $726,050 in 2019 from the state motor vehicle tax by March 1st.


7:07 p.m. Mr. Smith arrived.


Mrs. Cozza continued with discussion on an item in the Water and Sewer budget:

- Lindquist property. Mrs. Cozza said she has received a proposal from KCBA for phasing the project: Phase 1 conversion of the farmhouse to office space – including design, construction drawings, structural engineering, plumbing, coordination with civil engineer, bid specs, bid meeting, administering construction for $96,775, and Phase 2 building a new heated equipment garage for $124,450.  Mr. Calderaio stated the monies used for this project would come from the residents who enjoy the services of the township’s public water and wastewater systems. Mrs. Cozza said if the board agreed, consideration of accepting the KCBA Proposal could be added to the regular business meeting agenda this evening.


DTMA Agreement


Mr. Smith said the township had received the Doylestown Township Municipal Agreement which details a structure and memorandum of understanding regarding providing water to the Doylestown Township residents living in the Furlong expanded area. Mr. Smith suggested the agreement be added to the Board’s regular business meeting agenda this evening.


Deer Management


Tom Trycieki, Mechanicsville, PA was present to discuss the serious problem of an increasing amount of deer due to development reducing fields and forests. The deer are  causing devastation to farmers crops, causing vehicle accidents, carrying deer ticks which spread Lyme disease, and eating people’s plants on their properties. 


Mr. Trycieki presented the Board with police department statistics of deer hits by vehicles in Buckingham Township, along with information from the local conservation officer regarding details in this area.


Mr. Trycieki shared information from Solebury Township regarding their deer management program that they have had for about 8 years, and suggested the township discuss how that program may be implemented in Buckingham Township. Mr. Trycieki said other options include the Red Tag Program run by the state Game Commission which lets farmers designate hunters to hunt deer on their property almost ½ the year.


Mr. Trycieki said there are many large fields in the township that are not being hunted, due to the homeowner not allowing it or the field being a township spray irrigation area.


The Board all agreed the amount of deer seems to be increasing and agreed to research control measures.


Donald Robb, Indian Walk Road, said in Long Island they used contraceptives and went from a large deer population to a fairly small manageable population.


7:30 p.m. The Work Session was adjourned.

11:38 p.m. The Work Session resumed.


Fenton’s Corner


Mr. Smith said he received a request from Mr. Harris, that Toll Brothers would like the option to place a side door and/or a front door on their units, and not to require the front door entry as the township had stated previously. Mr. Smith said their request was based on their design limiting them from having both a ground floor master bedroom and a front door.


Mr. Gray said that on any lot facing a common green, the township standard and agreement was that there must be at least one front entry on the twins. The Board determined to enforce the agreement requiring front doors.


Penn’s Purchase


Mr. Smith said the developer has requested to begin the planning process for the re-development of the Penn’s Purchase area before getting loans, and proposed paying a fee of $75,000 rather than the required $250,000 and replenishing the escrow when it reached a set limit.  Mrs. Cozza said her experience shows that the legal and engineering fees will be needed especially with the need for additional water service facilities. The Board agreed it is difficult to collect these fees if they are not secured up front. Mrs. Rash said they need to follow the regular process.


Green Light Go


Mrs. Cozza said the township received a request to participate in an application to improve the timing of traffic signals on Swamp Road from Chubb Road to Silo Hill Road so they function together and can be controlled remotely in order to improve safety. She said the bulk of the project is in Doylestown Township, with one of the signals ½ owned by Buckingham Township. Mrs. Cozza said the amount requested from Buckingham Township is $11,352.34.


Mr. Gray said that regionally the program will benefit everyone in the area. Mrs. Cozza suggested offering less money since Buckingham only has ½ of one of the signals involved in the project. The Board agreed to participate but that Mrs. Cozza should negotiate the amount.


Fire Code


Mrs. Cozza said the UCC building code is adopting provisions of the new 2015 Fire Code to become effective in October 2018, even though there may be a draft 2018 code underway. She said it has provisions that pertain to the building code and new construction. Mrs. Cozza said the township operates currently under the 1993 BOCA fire code, and she recommends the township adopts the new 2015 Fire Code in its entirety. The Board agreed. Mr. Smith advised the State code adopting portions of the 2015 Fire Code will need to be excepted from the ordinance when the new ordinance is adopted and the old ordinance will have to be repealed. Mrs. Cozza asked that this be done in October.


Stoneymead Trees


Mr. Gray requested guidance from the Board regarding the remedy for the excess tree removal before issuing building permits for the four wooded lots in the Stoneymead Subdivision. The Board agreed that Mr. Smith will call the property owners and advise them of the procedure specified in the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.




Mrs. Cozza informed the Board that the township is required to complete annual reports and provide them to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection with the expectation of money to be received, however the township has not received money in several years. Mrs. Cozza said after questioning DEP, the township recently was told they are holding over $100,000 in an account, but not releasing it to the township because 1) they say the township does not have a proper recycling ordinance, and 2) the township allows open burning.  Mrs. Cozza said the township needs to adopt an ordinance that says there can be no burning of household trash. She said there may be an exception for agricultural burning. Mrs. Cozza said she requested a sample ordinance from DEP, but has yet to receive one. The Board agreed that an ordinance should be prepared so that DEP will release the funds to the township.


12:25 p.m. The Work Session adjourned.

Approved by the Board of Supervisors on the 24th day of October, 2018.

Buckingham Township Board of Supervisors

Maggie Rash, Chairman

Paul Calderaio, Vice-Chairman

Jon Forest, Member



Dana S. Cozza, Secretary



Minutes respectfully submitted by Lori Wicen.


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