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Board of Supervisors Work Session
4/18/2018 6:00 PM

Buckingham Township Board of Supervisors

Work Session



The work session of the Buckingham Township Board of Supervisors was held April 18, 2018 in the Township Building, 4613 Hughesian Drive, Buckingham, Pennsylvania.


Present:           Maggie Rash                           Chairman

                        Paul Calderaio                        Vice-Chairman

                        Jon Forest                               Member

                        Dana S. Cozza                        Township Manager

                        Daniel Gray                            Township Engineer

                        John Ives                                 Bucks County Planning Commission

                        Craig A. Smith, Esquire         Township Solicitor


Not Present:    Tom Kelso                             Township Water/Wastewater Consultant


The work session commenced at 6:00 p.m.

 Road Concerns 

Mrs. Cozza informed the Board that following previous conversations and requests from concerned citizens, she had formally requested PennDOT to study the speed limits along Route 202 approaching the Route 413 intersection.  She said the results showed that rather than the speed reduction to 35mph after the Route 413 intersection, the speed reduction should start just after the entrance to Apple Hill townhomes where you are approaching the Route 413 intersection. Mrs. Cozza said PennDOT has instructed the township to change the signage from “Reduced Speed Ahead” to Speed Reduction signage.  

Mr. Forest noted that PennDOT has completed the safety markings approaching the intersection of Mill Road and Route 202 as requested by the township and several residents.  

Mrs. Cozza said that PennDOT is working on a traffic study for Pineville Road and she will share the results when they are received.

 Lindquist House Renovation 

Mrs. Cozza updated the Board on the Lindquist House renovation project, proposing the project be phased due to higher construction costs than were originally anticipated. Mrs. Cozza proposed phases as 1) farmhouse renovation, 2) construction of an unheated storage building, 3) construction of a heated equipment garage with locker room. 

Mrs. Cozza said the farmhouse renovation for the building is proposed at $553,000, including the offices, a kitchenette, and an ADA toilet with handicapped accessible entry. She said replacement of the heating system and running wastewater to the house is in the process of being quoted. Mrs. Cozza said she is told the existing well is fine to use.

Mrs. Cozza said the heated equipment garage will contain a locker room and space to accommodate 10 bays worth of equipment (currently stored in other water and wastewater locations). She said the estimate for this building is 1.2 million dollars.

 Mrs. Cozza said that the unheated storage building will be used to store farm equipment and is estimated to cost $500,000.

 Mrs. Rash explained the project to the audience, saying the Lindquist Property on York Road is owned by the township, and the township is planning to repurpose the historic home by using it to provide the township’s water and wastewater department with one central location, rather than its current multiple offices. Mr. Robb, Indian Walk, commented it is nice to use a structure like that.

 Mr. Calderaio stated the monies used for this project would come from the residents who enjoy the services of the township’s public water and wastewater systems.

 Ms. Shannon Sticker, Kavan Court, asked it there would be an increase in water and wastewater rates to fund the project. Mrs. Cozza said no, the township has been planning this project for many years and has been setting aside monies. Ms. Sticker asked what percentage of residents use the public system versus private. Mrs. Cozza said there are approximately 2,000 customers total, however some use only water and some use only wastewater, as many residents have private wells or sewer, and others have township water and sewer service from Bucks County Water and Sewer.

 Bucks County Airport Authority – Project Status Update 

Mr. Geoffrey Graham, Attorney for the Bucks County Airport Authority, Mr. Rick Holes, engineer for the Authority, and Mr. Lou McKay and Mr. Paul Tolleni, Bucks County Airport Authority members, were present to discuss upcoming and ongoing projects at the “Doylestown” Airport.  

Mr. Graham explained that there are several projects planned over the next couple of years, including:

             1) Resurfacing the existing runway, which is very old and heavily cracked with deep fissures that have been patched several times. Mr. Graham emphasized they are not extending or widening the existing runway. He said they are not milling out substrate or adding any increased load bearing capacity. They are simply resurfacing for safety and function. Mr. Graham said that the schedule to resurface the runway will involve shutting the airport and runway down for a period of time, with some operations to be done at night under lights.  Mr. Holes said it may take about a month, working 5 days a week, 10 hours a night between 8:00pm and 6:00am and with the airport closed and reopening during the day, to get the job done. Mrs. Rash questioned if any residences nearby would be bothered by the light, and it was agreed to notify the neighbors of the intended work.

            2) Add two proposed paved bypass taxiways between the existing bypass taxiway and the runway. Mr. Tolleni explained by adding two bypass taxiways it will help clear up traffic issues on the existing bypass taxiway and runway.

             3) Replace runway lighting. Mr. Holes explained the runway and taxiway lighting needs to be brought up to current day standards. He said this does not include the parking lot area.

             4) Install Hard Surface Tie Downs. Mr. Holes said they have received enough funding to install six hard surface tie downs along the taxiway area, where currently they are on grass. Mr. Holes said an asphalt surface will be much more useful. Mr. Gray said the tiedown apron expansion area is behind the PA Biotechnology Center and was approved as part of the Phase 2 Land Development. Mr. Holes concurred, adding they have been working with the township’s Landscape Review Consultants on a shared border landscaping buffer. Mr. Holes added they plan to build another 6-8 hard surface tie downs in 2020-2021 if funding is received, and at that time the stormwater portion of the Phase 2 Land Development could be completed. 

 Mr. Graham provided the Board with an aerial picture of the proposed 2018 projects and the Board said that would be nice to display in the meeting room for the public to see.

 Mr. Graham noted the airport authority has received grants to fund these proposed projects, adding they wait until grant monies are received before proceeding to the next project.

 Mr. Calderaio asked if the airport planned on producing an updated master plan. Mr. Graham said yes, however that would be grant funded and they do not yet have that grant, and it would probably happen in a couple of years. Mr. Graham emphasized the master plan is a design plan of possibilities, not necessarily what will get done.

 Mr. Graham asked if Mr. Stannik, Chairman of the Buckingham Township Environmental Advisory Commission, was present and was told no, he had other obligations this evening. Mr. Graham said Mr. Stannik had requested a copy of the airport’s Master Plan, and so he brought a hard copy to provide to him, noting the plan was written 12 years ago and may not apply today. Mr. Graham explained the process that a 12-year plan is required in order to be eligible for funding opportunities.

 Mr. Smith inquired about the airport’s recent acquisition of the neighboring Goff property. Mr. Graham said a majority of one grant was spent to purchase the 30-acre property, which the FAA says is a contiguous compatible use property. Mr. Graham said there are many trees on the property that need to be removed but there are no other plans for development of the property at this time.

 Discussion was held on renovating or relocating the administration building, also known as the FBO (Fixed Base Operation). Mr. Graham said the building was built in the early 1960’s, is not environmentally sound and is not ADA compliant. However they do not have the money to fund any changes at this time. Mr. McKay said it is part of the 12-year planning process for funding and said if they renovated they would have it fit the Bucks County theme in appearance, be low impact, energy efficient, and ADA compatible with an elevator. Mr. Tollini said it also is noncompliant in being too close to the runway, as there should be a minimum of 250’ from centerline of runway to any buildings or parked aircraft.

 Disclosure Ordinance 

Mr. Smith explained that he and Mr. Gray had discussed the benefits to potential township residents of having a disclosure statement available at the time of purchase for vacant properties that require stormwater, septic, potable water and utility improvements for the construction of a home. Much like the existing ordinance requires developers to make disclosures to prospective purchasers, this change would assure notice is given potential future residents of the expense and private and public improvements, including engineering and legal cost thereof, they would need to undertake in order to build a home on an undeveloped lot.

 Mr. Smith said the information on developing vacant lots is available through court house records, however, most title insurance companies do not present it unless asked. Moreover, unless the future resident hires an attorney who can advise them and knows what to look for, naive purchasers are caught unawares and place blame for their predicament and unforeseen expenses on the Township.

 Mr. Forest asked if there are that many lots out there in this circumstance, and Mr. Smith said yes. 

 Mr. Calderaio said he thinks the disclosure would help the person buying the lot, and also help our taxpayers as it takes a lot of resources and money for township staff and consultants to deal with persons who were misinformed when they bought an unimproved lot. Mrs. Rash said its also providing customer service and is the right thing to do.

 Mrs. Rash asked if the disclosure could be provided to potential residents who call the township to do their research prior to purchasing property and Mrs. Cozza said yes. Mr. Smith suggested it be posted on the township website.


7:30 p.m. The Work Session was adjourned.

8:17 p.m. The Work Session resumed.


Meeting Date – Ad Hoc Trail Committee 

Mrs. Cozza asked the Board for a date when they would like the Ad Hoc Trail Committee to present their results to the public. Mr. Ives said this would be an open house format showing the trail on poster boards in various stages, providing the residents with an opportunity to view and comment, followed by possible revisions and then presentation to the Board of Supervisors. The Board agreed on Thursday, May 10, 2018.

 Act 172 Firefighters Tax Act 

Mrs. Cozza updated the Board with information regarding the firefighter’s tax act where the township may provide active members of fire companies tax breaks as an incentive for recruitment of volunteer firefighters. She said various municipalities are discussing property tax relief or earned income tax relief and are also discussing a contribution amount. She explained it is complicated by fire companies that cross township borders, and municipalities debating varying amounts of relief of varying types.  Mrs. Cozza said she will continue to collect information and report back to the Board.

 Meeting Schedule

Mrs. Cozza requested guidance on the May Board of Supervisor meeting dates. The Board agreed to cancel the May 9, 2018 Work Sessions and Regular Business Meetings and hold the May 23, 2018 Work Session and Regular Business Meeting as scheduled.



9:16 p.m. The Board retired into executive session to discuss legal matters concerning the potential purchase of an easement on the Maximuck Tract, and police personnel matters.


9:30 p.m. The Work Session was adjourned.


Approved by the Board of Supervisors on the 23rd day of May, 2018.

Buckingham Township Board of Supervisors        


Maggie Rash, Chairman



Paul Calderaio, Vice-Chairman



Jon Forest, Member





Dana S. Cozza, Secretary


Minutes respectfully submitted by Lori Wicen.

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