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Zoning Hearing Board
9/11/2017 6:30 PM

Zoning Hearing Board


September 11, 2017




Meeting will be held in the Buckingham Room, Township Building





8:00 pm PH17-017 Application by Stonehaven at Peddlers Village, LLC

                                  RE:  Property located at 5861 York Road

                                   TMP #6-16-15


Relief Requested: To permit the property to be re-developed into mixed

                                Residential and retail uses. 

                               Variance fromArticle 2302.Aof the Zoning Ordinance to

                                Permit the 18   single family detached dwelling units (Use B-1) to

                                have a 15’ front yard set back from the internal roadway where

                                a 25’ minimum set back is otherwise required.

                               Variance fromArticle 2302.Bto permit a 1’ front yard setback

                                For the two mixed use accessory dwelling in combination

                               (Use E-31) buildings where a 25’ minimum is otherwise required.

                               It requests: confirmation of the continued application of the 42’

                              Maximum building height established via the Court Order.  In the

                              Alternative, a variance is requested from the provisions of Article

                              3008 to permit a 42’ building height for the two mixed use

                              Accessory dwelling in combination (Use E-31) building, where a

                              Maximum 35’ height is otherwise permitted; to the extent that the

                              Provision applies to man-made steep slopes, a variance from the

                              Provisions ofArticle 3100.B.3to permit disturbance of more than

                              3,000 contiguous square feet of man-made steep slopes; to the extent

                             That the provisions apply to existing stormwater ponds, a variance

                             From the provisions ofArticle 3100.B.7 and 8to permit construction

                             Activity within 50’ of the edge of the stormwater pond to allow

                            Modification of said pond; It requests confirmation of the continued

                           Application of the 70% impervious surface coverage ratio.  In the

                           Alternative, a variance is requested from the provisions of

                         Article 3100.B12.e  to permit a reduction of the existing impervious

                          Surface coverage on the property from 70% to 41% where a 10%

                          Maximum is otherwise permitted in Limestone Areas; confirmation of

                        The continued application of the 25’ buffers.  In the alternative, a variance

                        Is requested from the provisions ofArticle 3104.A  to defer the

                        Establishment of buffers to the land development stage of the project.

                        Confirmation that 18 Use E-31 mixed use accessory dwelling in

                        Combination dwelling units are permitted on the property. In the

                        Alternative, a variance is requested fromArticle 405.E31.Dto permit

                        more than 2 Use E-31 mixed use accessory dwelling in combination

                        dwelling units per acre; and Applicant also requests a variance from the

                        provisions of Article 3025.D so as to not require an Economic Impact

                        Study if the space ultimately devoted to retail stores exceeds 7,500 sq. ft.                      








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